Tree Preservation Order Evaluation Form (please complete)

Tree Preservation Order Evaluation Form (please complete)

Submitted by mpsadmin on Sat, 18/06/2016 - 19:38
Milton Road Tree

In an effort to try and stop the new housing we are asking all group members and/or anyone who has signed the petition or wants to keep the trees to complete the Wakefield Council Tree Preservation Order Evaluation Form to try and save the trees on Milton Road and in the playing field.

Details and the form are in this news item, in Useful Docs and
The reasons you should give on the form should include the following but in your own words (government guidance regarding the points and wording can be found on

  • The trees have a high amenity value
  • The tress are large and mature trees
  • The tress enhancing the appearance of Milton Road
  • The trees are visible from both the public highway, and also the nearby primary school
  • They are in keeping with surrounding area
  • They reside in an Air Quality Monitoring Area
  • The trees help to mitigate pollution effects from the nearby M1 Motorway, housing and local roads
  • They act as an acoustic barrier for noise from the nearby primary school
  • They act as an accoustic barrier for noise from the M1
  • The trees help to prevent flooding and land erosion/slipage
  • It would be expedient to make these trees subject to an Order since the land they reside on is currently for sale
  • The trees are at risk due to development pressures.

The location of the trees: The trees at both sides of the full length of Milton Road, including ones just to the other side of the metal fence that runs down one side of the road and the trees in the playing fields facing the motorway.
Note that a Tree Preservation Order does not stop development.  A planning decision can overrule a TPO, but it is another thing they would have to consider and would add more weight.
Unfortunately there is no appeal on any decision, and they will only do one evaluation per year.