Elm Tree Park, Wakefield - Buyer Beware - Do Not Buy

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Do Not Buy

Buyer Beware -Do Not Buy at Elm Tree Park, Wakefield.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life.   Sorry, you have more legal coverage if you buy a used car than a house.  You could be stuck with something which you will never be able to sell or even worse you are your loved ones are slowly being killed because of levels of pollution at the site.

Keepmoat the developer will not want to tell you about any of the following. 

It's a perfect storm of issues: mine shafts, coal seams, underground water streams and water coming out of the ground, illegal air pollution, illegal noise pollution and a developer who doesn't give a damn about residents.  The housing is less than 200 metres from the 8 lane M! motorway.  The M1 is effecting the health of local residents who do not even live that close - we are seeing this in our own families.  Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy are 5 to 10 years lower than areas further away from the M1 - yes, our families are suffering from the loss of loved ones due to pollution.

Sorry, it's all true - our Facebook Group Save Lupset Greenfields Group contains the proof (i.e. reports from the World Health Organisation, Coal Authority, government departments etc).

Reason not to buy:-
Elm Tree Park Pit (because of the mine shafts)
Elm Tree Park Open Cast Mine (because of the surface coal seams)

Elm Tree Park Springs (because of the water spring coming out of the ground)
Elm Tree Park Lakes (because of the pools of water which will form on the site)
Elm Tree Park Sink (because of the houses which will sink)
Elm Tree Park Crack (because of the houses which will crack)
Elm Tree Park Foul (because of the illegal air pollution levels)
Elm Tree Park Racket (because of the illegal noise pollution levels)
Elm Tree Park Toxic (because of the effect the pollution have on new residents)

Please see our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaveLupsetGreenfieldsGroup which contains an emormous amount of information