Judicial Review launched plus crowdjustice 'Save lives - stop the Milton Road housing development' funding page

Submitted by mpsadmin on Wed, 02/05/2018 - 12:05
Save lives - stop the Milton Road housing development

We have launched our legal challenge, a Judicial Review, to stop the Milton Crescent/Road housing development.  We believe that this will stop any future housing developments on the site.  We have a good chance of winning this because of illegal pollution levels on the M1 and the failure of Wakefield Council to follow policy and procedures.  It is important we have your support.  
We have instructed solicitors who specialise in environmental and planning law.  They have already been successful in overturning planning permission decisions in Wakefield.
The solicitors have recommended that we fund our legal challenge via crowdfunding using the crowdjustice.com site.   This site was used by Gina Miller to fund her successful Brexit legal challenge.
We need your pledge in getting the campaign going.  We have set a target of £3,500 for the initial investigation into the merits of our case.  We have a strong and robust case especially concerning illegal levels of pollution.
Our CrowdJustice site launches at 8am today and would ask that you could make your pledge as soon as possible to get the campaign moving.  Please pledge what you what you are able.
Money is only taken when the target amount is reached and goes straight to the solicitor (we don’t get anything).
Here is the link to our CrowdJustice page: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/save-lives-stop-the-milton-roa/.
This is the only funding option available to us and was recommended to us by our solicitors as it is fairer for all.
We would also ask that you spread the word of our campaign by sharing our CrowdJustice link on facebook etc, emailing your friends/family and asking them to make a pledge (we know that our family/friends will be doing this).  Also feel free to raise it with the press.