Statement from our local Councillors 28th July 2017

Submitted by mpsadmin on Sat, 29/07/2017 - 12:37
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The following statement from our local Councillors (Councillor Ryan Case, Councillor Kevin Swift and Councillor Hilary Mitchell) was published on our facebook site on 28th July 2017.

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I have asked Ryan the following:-

"Ryan we have a few question which you hopefully can answer. When will this "engagement" start? How will we get contacted by the prospective purchaser? Is it in person, by letter, by phone, by something being put through our letter boxes or do we have to got fishing for it, i.e. something on a website (how would we know where to look) or something in a newspaper (which newspaper)? Will there be a public meeting and where? Will there be more than one meeting? When will we see the plan (I have a feeling that the prospective purchaser has extended the plan to include land closer to the school in a line across the playing field so that over half of the playing field is used - possible row of houses other side of Milton Road)? Will the councillors be present in the meeting(s)? How long is the process usually? Do we have start all over again re-raising our objections and concerns? All:- please raise anything else with Ryan you think I have missed or would like to know about the "engagement"."

As I stated in my last sentence:  Please raise anything else with Ryan (or the other Councillors) you think I have missed or would like to know about the "engagement".