Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Provisionally Granted for Milton Road

Submitted by mpsadmin on Mon, 10/10/2016 - 18:44
Trees on Milton Road

A tree preservation order (TPO) has been provisionally granted for the trees on both sides of Milton Road plus the trees in the area at the junction of Milton Road and Broadway.  The Council had plans to widen Milton Road to make an entrance for the new housing development but it will be a lot harder now with the TPOs in place.

The file attachement below (TPO contains the order plus a map showing the TPO areas.

It would be great if Milton Road/Milton Crescent + Snapethorpe Gate estate residents would write to the Council to state their support for the TPO.    Just quote the references given on page 1 and say that you are in full support of the TPO and agree with their assessment, i.e. the trees are mature, noticeable, add value for the future, ensure tree cover retained and have high amenity value. Residents could also say that they are surprised why there isn't already a TPO on these trees.

File Attachment