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Do Not Buy

Buyer Beware -Do Not Buy at Elm Tree Park, Wakefield.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life.   Sorry, you have more legal coverage if you buy a used car than a house.  You could be stuck with something which you will never be able to sell or even worse you are your loved ones are slowly being killed because of levels of pollution at the site.

Keepmoat the developer will not want to tell you about any of the following. 

It's a perfect storm of issues: mine shafts, coal seams, underground water streams and water coming out of the ground, illegal air pollution, illegal noise pollution and a developer who doesn't give a damn about residents.  The housing is less than 200 metres from the 8 lane M! motorway.  The M1 is effecting the health of local residents who do not even live that close - we are seeing this in our own families.  Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy are 5 to 10 years lower than areas further away from the M1 - yes, our families are suffering from the loss of loved ones due to pollution.

Sorry, it's all true - our Facebook Group Save Lupset Greenfields Group contains the proof (i.e. reports from the World Health Organisation, Coal Authority, government departments etc).

Reason not to buy:-
Elm Tree Park Pit (because of the mine shafts)
Elm Tree Park Open Cast Mine (because of the surface coal seams)

Elm Tree Park Springs (because of the water spring coming out of the ground)
Elm Tree Park Lakes (because of the pools of water which will form on the site)
Elm Tree Park Sink (because of the houses which will sink)
Elm Tree Park Crack (because of the houses which will crack)
Elm Tree Park Foul (because of the illegal air pollution levels)
Elm Tree Park Racket (because of the illegal noise pollution levels)
Elm Tree Park Toxic (because of the effect the pollution have on new residents)

Please see our facebook group which contains an emormous amount of information

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Save lives - stop the Milton Road housing development

We have launched our legal challenge, a Judicial Review, to stop the Milton Crescent/Road housing development.  We believe that this will stop any future housing developments on the site.  We have a good chance of winning this because of illegal pollution levels on the M1 and the failure of Wakefield Council to follow policy and procedures.  It is important we have your support.  
We have instructed solicitors who specialise in environmental and planning law.  They have already been successful in overturning planning permission decisions in Wakefield.
The solicitors have recommended that we fund our legal challenge via crowdfunding using the site.   This site was used by Gina Miller to fund her successful Brexit legal challenge.
We need your pledge in getting the campaign going.  We have set a target of £3,500 for the initial investigation into the merits of our case.  We have a strong and robust case especially concerning illegal levels of pollution.
Our CrowdJustice site launches at 8am today and would ask that you could make your pledge as soon as possible to get the campaign moving.  Please pledge what you what you are able.
Money is only taken when the target amount is reached and goes straight to the solicitor (we don’t get anything).
Here is the link to our CrowdJustice page:
This is the only funding option available to us and was recommended to us by our solicitors as it is fairer for all.
We would also ask that you spread the word of our campaign by sharing our CrowdJustice link on facebook etc, emailing your friends/family and asking them to make a pledge (we know that our family/friends will be doing this).  Also feel free to raise it with the press.

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Meeting Jubilee Hall Monday 4th December 7pm - please attend.
Our Councillors Hilary Mitchell and Michael Graham have arranged the meeting.
Please let your neighbours know especially if they do not have, or have problems with accessing, the internet.
Address of Jubilee Hall is Townley Rd, Wakefield WF2 8NS

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Keepmoat submitted their planning application to the Council on 29th September.

Here are all the planning documents - loads of them!

You have to the end of the month (end of October) to send your objection in.

File Attachment
2nd File Attachment

Save Lupset Greenfields Leaflets

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We have created a leaflet which we will be put through local (Broadway, Snapethorpe Gate, Milton Road/Crescent etc etc) residents letter boxes to request that they write/email the Council to raise their objections.

We need help with distributing the leaflets so if you can help then use facebook to contact us (our facebook group is called Save Lupset Greenfields Group).

Wakefield Express News Item 8th September 2017

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Our newspaper item - I think Keepmoat didn't even respond as they haven't worked out how to respond. We need to keep the pressure up - we are not going to stop until they pull out.


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Here are pictures of what it will be like for 6 years if we don't stop this (I'm sure you can imagine how noisy it will be). Another implication - if you wanted to sell your house and move the chance of it selling, or selling it for what you want will be greatly affected - would you want to move into a building site?




Don't Trust Keepmoat!

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We have just learned from member Karen Peel that Keepmoat the builders for the proposed development are part of what is known as the National Leasehold Scheme.  Essentially, this means that lease out properties (rather than sell) to young couples/families under the guise of "affordable housing" or "Help to Buy". However, the company increases rent for such properties year on year to the point that people renting the property can no longer afford to pay it and have to move out.  Such schemes are quite common place.  Attached is an article which appeared in the Liverpool Echo about such a scheme and what happened to the tenants. The question remains, however, how much are Wakefield Council aware of Keepmoat's involvement and are they willing to let such a company go ahead with the development?

Pollution and our major health issue

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Public Health Emergency

Pollution and our major health issue
Did you know that over 118,000 motor vehicles travel daily between J39-40 of the M1? That is over 40 million motor vehicles ever yeary and this has not dropped below 36 million since 2004. Here is the link to the figures ( - they come from the government's Department for Transport website.
All this traffic is causing serious health issues to residents in this area, i.e. us. The levels of NO2 (small particulates) are above 40 µg/m3, where they cause health issues such as premature death, breathing difficulties and disease etc. This level has be set by the EU and anything above this level is illegal and is a public health emergency. These levels are shown in the M1 Junction 39-42 Managed Motorway Environmental Assessment Report ( This report relates to the conversion of the M1 to a smart motorway. In the assessment report table 5.2, section 5.3.10 on page (ref 5-6) site ID MO013 is where the M1 goes over Horbury Road. In the conclusion it stated that "There are only six properties within the study area" so it went ahead because there were effectively no properties so no residents would be affected.
The Council already know that our area is above the legal limit but they produced a report which is just one big lie. In the Council's report ( is looks as if level are reducing. However, the report does not mention anywhere that it was written at the time when the M1 was being converted to a smart motorway, i.e. the M1 was only 4 lanes (2x2) and a maximum speed limit of 50mph. The restrictions were present between October 2013 and December 2015, which is over two years. 4 lanes of motorway traffic travelling at 50mph produce significantly lower emission than 8 lanes of motorway traffic travelling at 70mph+ - it is easy to find the figures about vehicle speed and vehicle emissions which support what I am saying. As the figures were so different from previous years the Council should have fully investigated as the reason is so obvious. Did the Council deliberately want the report to show incorrect information. The Council has a duty to protect public health.
Any new houses on the land would put new residents deliberately in an illegal level pollution area. I have measured the distance from the M1 to where the first house would be and it is only 140 metres - I have seen reports that state that no-one should be within 200 metres of a motorway which illegal levels of pollution. Most of the remaining new housing would be within 400m of the M1, which only just lessens the risk to public health. Also, any new traffic brought in by the new housing development would also add to the already illegal high pollution levels.
Any plans for new housing with already illegal pollution levels should be stopped immediately.
What you need to do:
1. Send a letter/email to our MP ((Mary Creagh, 20-22 Cheapside, Wakefield WF1 2TF, Phone: 01924 386124, Email: and the Chief Exec of the Council Merran McRae (Wakefield Council, Wakefield One, PO Box 700, Wakefield, WF1 2EB, Email:
2. Raise the fact that you are living in an area where there are illegal levels of pollution (you can quote the documents.
3. Raise the fact that the Council's report is a lie - point out that it does not take into account the construction of the smart motorway.
4. Demand that any planning decisions made using data from the Council's report do not go ahead until a proper environmental study is carried out, which should be undertaken over a period of years.
5. Demand that the whole new development is suspended until the above study is complete.
6. Demand that if it looks as if there will be nothing that can be done about pollution levels in the area then the new development be pulled permanently.
7. Demand that action be taken for existing residents - we already live in an area of illegal pollution levels. Ask them to explain why it is ok for you to live in an area where your lifespan is reduced by many years and expect to suffer from long terms health problems for most of your life.

This above is a major issue.