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Welcome to the homepage of the Save Lupset Greenfields Group

We are a group of residents who oppose proposed new housing development being built on the fields behind Snapethorpe Gate and Milton Road.

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The greenfields are not just empty land but a valuable amenity used by a large number of residents.


The proposed access points to the new housing are on Milton Road and Snapethorpe Gate (Airedale Heights).

If it goes ahead the surrouding area will face:-

  • Heavy machinery, e.g. lorries, diggers, cranes etc for up to 5 years (5 years is the development timescale).
  • Increased traffic on Broadway, Dewsbury Road and Horbury Road as well as massive increases on Snapethorpe Gate and Milton Road.
  • Increase noise/air pollution and risk of flooding.
  • Further straing on local services to support new development, i.e. schools, police, GPs, social services.


Why are we not being properly consulted by the Council?


LDF  abuseofpower badroad mistake

Only part of the proposed development site has been through public consultation as part of the Local Development Framework (LDF). The original site has been extended, consuming school playing fields, and land alongside Milton Road.

Public money has been spent trying to adopt strips of land using a Highways Act to make the site more appealing to developers. This is a misuse of public money and an abuse of the Authorities power.

Access to the site is not suitable for the scale of development that is being proposed. Neither Milton Road or Airedale Heights are suitable access roads for a development of this scale.

The details for part of this site in the Local Development Plan (LDF) contained technical inaccuracies that may have wrongly prioritised this site for development.


What you can do?

  • Sign our online petition
  • Use the site to read recent news, find out information in the useful docs section,  view maps/photo, read forum posts, view lists of contact information, view lists of links to other useful websites
  • Send us your feedback or questions by using the Contact Us menu 
  • Join or group (the Council will not be able to ignore a group which represents a large number of residents)
  • Request a login to our site - once granted you will be able to use our forums to raise a new concern or post a comment to an existing forum


Together we can force the Council to reconsider and stop the new homes being built


We are also on facebook (link below):-



Recent News

Elm Tree Park, Wakefield - Buyer Beware - Do Not Buy

Submitted by mpsadmin on Thu, 25/04/2019 - 09:52

Buyer Beware -Do Not Buy at Elm Tree Park, Wakefield.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life.   Sorry, you have more legal coverage if you buy a used car than a house.  You could be stuck with something which you will never be able to sell or even worse you are your loved ones are slowly being killed because of levels of pollution at the site.

Judicial Review launched plus crowdjustice 'Save lives - stop the Milton Road housing development' funding page

Submitted by mpsadmin on Wed, 02/05/2018 - 12:05

We have launched our legal challenge, a Judicial Review, to stop the Milton Crescent/Road housing development.  We believe that this will stop any future housing developments on the site.  We have a good chance of winning this because of illegal pollution levels on the M1 and the failure of Wakefield Council to follow policy and procedures.  It is important we have your support.  
We have instructed solicitors who specialise in environmental and planning law.  They have already been successful in overturning planning permission decisions in Wakefield.

Save Lupset Greenfields Leaflets

Submitted by mpsadmin on Mon, 25/09/2017 - 17:04

We have created a leaflet which we will be put through local (Broadway, Snapethorpe Gate, Milton Road/Crescent etc etc) residents letter boxes to request that they write/email the Council to raise their objections.

We need help with distributing the leaflets so if you can help then use facebook to contact us (our facebook group is called Save Lupset Greenfields Group).